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Hiking & Trekking

Hiking - Roque Nublo Route

Hiking - Roque Nublo Route

‚ā¨55¬†- You pay an online¬†deposit now of ‚ā¨15¬†per person & pay the¬†remaining balance of¬†‚ā¨40 on the day¬†by cash or card.

Level: easy | Duration: 2,5h approx. | Lenght: 6 km. | Age 6+ | Slope: 175m


Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a first-timer, the Roque Nublo Hiking Circuit promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Gran Canaria's captivating landscapes. Embrace the tranquility, relish the beauty, and create lasting memories as you embark on this easy-level, 2.5-hour adventure around the awe-inspiring Roque Nublo.

Level: easy | Duration: 2,5h approx. | Lenght: 6 km. | Age 6+ | Slope: 175m

What is included:
  • Walking sticks
  • Picnic consisting of fruit, nuts, biscuits, water, liability
  • Accident insurances
  • English speaking professional instructor
  • Hotel pick up (south area of the island)
What do you need?

We take care of everything! Therefore, the only thing a person needs to carry out this activity is: sports shoes or hiking boots, sun cream, comfortable clothing and a coat, windproof jacket or raincoat would not be superfluous. And of course the desire to have a good time and a smile from ear to ear.

Requirements for this activity:

The only requirements that the participant has to meet are: knowing how to swim, not having excessive fear of heights or vertigo, regardless of age, since even children can do it (from 12 years old and always accompanied by their parents).


This activity takes place every THURSDAY in the Roque Nublo area, center of Gran Canaria.



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We're grateful for this unforgettable experience: the hike itself was breathtaking, offering stunning panoramic views that left us in awe. Our kids were thrilled to conquer the trail and reach the summit of Roque Nublo, a moment that filled us with pride as parents. A huge thank you to Victor for his expertise and passion, and to Cristiano for suggesting the perfect tour for us. Thank you guys!