Gran Canaria Airport Transfers to Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico or Taurito

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Are you planning a trip to Gran Canaria and wondering how to seamlessly reach your accommodation from the airport? Fret not! We've got you covered with this step-by-step guide.

Getting Started

Let's make your arrival stress-free. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Arrival at Gran Canaria Airport: upon landing at Gran Canaria Airport, take a deep breath – you've officially arrived! Now, let's get you to your accommodation smoothly.
  • Step 2: Transfers Options

    Consider the following transportation options:

    • Public Transportation
    • Taxi
    • Shuttle Service
    • Car Rental

Choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.

Important: assumes no responsibility for the quality of the service offered and invites you to independently search for your transport to your accomodation.

Public Transportation

Gran Canaria airport transfers to the south: what are the buses you can use and where they go respectively ?

Gran Canaria's public transport network is very efficient, well structured and branched. You can use the local bus or "Guagua" to reach practically every part and place of the island.

The bus station is located immediately in front of the exit of the departure terminal: after passing through the controls, go upstairs and exit the airport. You will see a large open parking lot and behind the parking lot is the bus stop.

Make sure you choose the stop that goes in the direction of your destination as there are two stops very close together and you might get confused: with your back to the airport, the stop on the left is for buses going towards the south of the island (Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Taurito, Mogan) while the one on the right is for buses going in the direction Las Palmas.

If you have any doubts, ask the person in charge who is usually there at the stop, who will be happy to help you.

The ticket can be purchased directly on the bus by paying it directly to the driver in cash or by credit, debit or prepaid card and the cost of the ticket varies depending on the destination.

There is a practical and functional application where you will find all the information you need to get around using local buses, it is called Guaguas Global and is available free of charge for both Android and iPhone devices:

1. Airport to Playa del Inglès or Maspalomas

There are three main bus lines that go from Gran Canaria airport to the Maspalomas area, where Playa del Inglès is also located: lines #66, #30 and #1.
The cost of the ticket, at the time we are writing this article, is €3.50

  • Line #66 (Gran Canaria Airport - Maspalomas Lighthouse) and Line #30 (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Maspalomas Lighthouse): these are the two fastest lines to reach Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas from the airport. The first intermediate stop they make is Bahia Feliz
  • Line #1: this is the bus line that crosses the entire island from north to south: it is active 24 hours however it is very slow because it makes all the stops along the way. It will take you more than an hour to reach your destination

2. Airport to Puerto Rico, Amadores, Taurito and Mogan

There are two main bus lines that go from Gran Canaria airport to Arguineguin, Puerto Rico, Amadore, Taurito and Mogan: lines #91 and #1.
The cost of the tickets, at the time we are writing this article, are from €4,95 to €6,80 according to your last destination.

  • Line #91 (Gran Canaria Airport - Puerto de Mogan): it is the fastest line of the entire island. The first stop after the departure from the airport stop is Arguineguin (30' min approx.)
  • Line #1: this is the bus line that crosses the entire island from north to south: it is active 24 hours however it is very slow because it makes all the stops along the way: villages, beachs etc. It will take long time to reach last stop in Mogan.


  • Price: it is the cheapest solution to reach your accomodation.
  • Quality: Acceptable cleanliness as it is a public transport. Most buses are also equipped with air conditioning and USB ports for charging your smartphone.
  • Frequency: A bus available every 20-25 minutes. Download the app to check the timetables.
  • Availability: Line #1 operates from 4am and the last ride from Las Palmas terminal leaves at 11.30pm (it takes at least an hour to get to the airport)


  • Probable Queue: At certain times you may find a queue at the stop. Bear in mind that buses mainly travel seated so you may find yourself waiting a few minutes longer than expected.
  • Sporty Driving: Canarian drivers are famous for the sporty driving of their vehicles so hold on tight, especially near roundabouts...

Possible Combinations

If your destination is in the area between Arguineguin and Taurito, you might also consider these two combinations (consider at least an hour and a half or two to reach your final destination):

  1. Gran Canaria Airport to Cruce de Arinaga (lines #1-#5-#19-#36) + Cruce de Arinaga to Taurito (line #9)
  2. Gran Canaria Airport to San Fernando (line #1-#5) + San Fernando to Taurito (line #9)


How much is a taxi from Gran Canaria airport to Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Taurito

Head to the designated taxi stand at the airport. 

You'll find reliable and licensed taxis ready to take you to your destination.Below are indicative rates of how much a taxi ride from Gran Canaria airport to your destination in the south of the island could cost you and also some numbers of companies that provide this service.

These rates are purely indicative and can vary and change significantly based on the time chosen and traffic, we publish them to give you an idea and a parameter that can help you choose your ideal transfer from Gran Canaria airport to your hotel.

Gran Canaria Airport to:

  • Maspalomas/Playa del Ingles: €50/€60
  • Meloneras: €60/€65
  • Arguineguin: €70/€75
  • Puerto Rico-Amadores-Playa del Cura: €75/€80
  • Taurito: €85/€90
  • Puerto de Mogan: >€90


  • Confort:It is undoubtedly the most convenient solution among those available.
  • Speed: it is the quickest option to reach your accomodation.


  • Price: it is obviously the most expensive solution among those available

Pre-booked Shuttle Transfers Service

The perfect solution for for solo travelers or small groups

If you prefer a shared ride and want to save some bucks, consider pre-booking a shuttle service. Look for reputable companies offering this service at the airport.

Below are some companies that offer this service. We would like to specify that we do not know or recommend any specifically: these are the first 3 results we found in Google by typing "shuttle bus from gran canaria airport to maspalomas"


  • Price: for individual travellers, groups and families of more than 4 people it is an advantageous solution also from an economic point of view.
  • Quite Comfortable: the best compromise between taxi and public transport.


  • Possibility of long waits: if your shuttle can be booked by multiple people or families, you may find yourself waiting longer than expected before leaving for your destination.

By Rental Car

Picking Up Your Rental Car at the Airport and Dropping It Off at the Hotel

If you prefer the flexibility of having your own transportation, consider renting a car.

Numerous car rental companies operate at Gran Canaria Airport. 

Check with your preferred rental agency and follow the signs to their office.

Booking in Advance: Save time by booking your rental car in advance. This ensures a smoother process upon your arrival.

Some rental car companies offer the convenient option of dropping off your car directly at your hotel, so for €25/35 you can "build" your own taxi service and having a car available for 24 hours.

Inquire with the rental agency during the booking process to see if this service is available.

One of these is certainly Cicar:

Remember to plan ahead and choose the option that best fits your travel preferences. 

Enjoy your stay in Gran Canaria!


  • No credit card and cash payment: if you rent your car with, you don't need a credit card and you can pay for it in cash.
  • Price: you can rent a car for even 20-22 euros in some period of the year.
  • Confort: you collect your car at the airport and leave it at the hotel: a fantastic option in terms of comfort.
  • Extra plus: availability of the car for 24 hours, if you rent it for just one day.


  • Queue at the company desk: availability of the car for 24 hours, if you rent it for just one day.


You have plenty of options concerning the Gran Canaria airport transfers to the south of the island.

One parameter that you must not forget to consider is the location of your hotel, especially if it is located in the upper part of Puerto Rico rather than Montana Amadores. 

Here are some tips that can help you further:

If you plan to use local transportation, download the Guagua Global app here:

If you use the public transport network, hold on tight and absolutely avoid getting up while the vehicle is moving: acceleration, sudden braking and chicanes are the specialty of local drivers.

Cicar car rental allows you to rent the car without a credit card, pay for it in cash and deliver it to the hotel:

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